Saturday, 17 September 2011

Onwards Boat Club into 2011/12

Once again, greetings boat clubbers!

Freshers week is looming ahead of us and preparations must be made for another year of success! The olympic flame of blogging has been passed onto me, Natasha, and I will be publishing the tales of our beloved boat club this year!

Summer has been quiet without you all, though credit must be given to the mixed VIII who raced and won at Peterborough Regatta on 14th August. Congratulations to Owen Dyson, Daniel Morgan, Alex King and Natasha Iddin along with our soon to be coach, Neil Cobb, who joined forces with UWE and City of Bristol Rowing Club to annihilate their opposition on the Sunday and to waltz away with a shiny shiny tankard!

So as we brace ourselves for the new year, I am putting out a call to all freshers: if you want to get fit, get out and about and participate in the university’s most prestigious and elite sports club, JOIN NOW! Meet us at Fresher’s fair and sign up, whether you are a newbie, a postgrad or if you just fancy giving something new a try :D


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  1. I prefer the other bird that used to write for this, but you'll do.