Monday, 17 January 2011

Article - Lent Term 2011 Week 1

Lancaster Student Breaks World Record
by Becky Hoose

It was an exciting end to Michaelmas term for Lancaster University Boat Club, as they enjoyed huge success at the Chester Indoor Championships, followed by one member of the club breaking a world record.

After the success at the BUCS Indoor Rowing Championship in Yorkshire, the club travelled to Chester for the North West University Indoor Rowing Championships with high hopes, and they did not disappoint. This competition was attended by 7 of the universities which totalled more than 200 athletes, competing over 6 different categories. This was the last event of the BUCS Indoor Rowing series 2010, and consequently the last chance for LUBC athletes to show their worth at indoor rowing.

First to race were the beginners. Those representing Lancaster posted promising times in their heats, including both John Campbell and Sven Lehnie who won their separate Beginner Men’s heats. Campbell, who took the bronze in Leeds the weekend before, went on to win gold in Beginner Men’s and was Lancaster’s first medallist of the day. This success was followed by Lydia Allen, who echoed her achievement of the previous weekend by winning gold in the Lightweight Women’s race, posting a time of 7.55 minutes over the 2,000m course. Alice Lees was next to medal for the club, taking silver in the Senior Women’s race. In the Senior Men’s race, it was John O’leary who claimed victory in the final, winning yet another gold for Lancaster. The individual races over, it was time for the relay races. Teams of four had to race over a 3,000m course, splitting the distance between all of team members. The Senior Women’s relay team took the silver, as did the Beginner Women’s composite team, who collaborated with two members of Salford University in order to have the required team of four needed to compete. The final race of the day, and of the BUCS series 2010, was the Senior Men’s relay, so it was fitting for Lancaster to see one final victory. The Lancaster Men’s A team won their relay, with an impressive time of 8.36 minutes.

It was undoubtedly a triumphant weekend for Lancaster. They doubled their own success of the weekend before by coming away with an astounding 7 medals, comprising of 4 gold and 3 silver. LUBC were proud to come away having been named the second best university club in the North West.

More success and excitement rounded off Michaelmas term, with a world record attempt by one of the club’s members. On 19th December 2010, LUBC’s Dan Morgan broke the world record for the most metres rowed in 24 hours on a rowing machine in the men’s under 20 open weight category. The event took place in the heart of Lancaster in Market Square, outdoors and in the middle of one of the coldest winters since records began. As well as having to contend with the subzero temperatures, Dan also had to overcome other issues that accompany such a sustained period of rowing, such as dehydration and fatigue. However, the Lancastrian public were out in force and were quick to show their admiration for Dan’s attempt. Locals were generous with both their donations and their support for the entirety of the challenge. During the race, Dan burned around 14,000 calories and lost a staggering 3kg in weight. He took on this challenge in order to raise money for the Antony Nolan Trust, a charity which does vital research into Leukaemia, and Lancaster University Boat Club. The proceeds will be split equally between the two causes. The total amount raised is yet to be confirmed, but the street collection alone raised more than £300. “It was as mentally difficult as it was physically, but I’m glad that I did it” said Dan, when asked about the experience. “I’m very pleased to have got the record, and it’s great we’ve raised so much money. I felt absolutely shattered for the next two days, but quickly recovered after that. I’d need serious tempting to even consider doing it again anytime soon!” And who could blame him?

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